A close-knit club of ethical hackers and developers

We are uniquely characterized by combining extensive web security and web development knowledge backed by an established track record.

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The Right People for the Job

We are a close-knit club of ethical hackers and web developers, working together for over a decade with an established track record. Our team comprises highly educated individuals dedicated to getting the job done. A unique character defined by combining extensive web security with web development knowledge.

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Chasing Excellence

We believe that continuously challenging ourselves and chasing excellence in every aspect of our work is the only way to be on top of the game and push forward. This requires an experienced, passionate team determined to keep improving and embrace challenges where others stop. This mentality leads to using our potential to its fullest and yields the best results for our clients.


Long-term Relationships

Investment is a two-way street. Our clients need assistance with their IT security and development projects, and we feed off challenges to expand on our expertise. Whether hacking complex IT infrastructures or reviewing code, we always invest in symbiotic collaboration. By delivering quality and transparency in our services, we aim to build solid rapport with our clients.

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We are always open to joint opportunities that can extend our reach into the field of cybersecurity. We are proud partners with the organizations listed below to make the web a safer place.

We are a network partner of The Hague Security Delta (HSD). The HSD is the Dutch security cluster. Over 275 companies, governmental organizations, and knowledge institutions have been working together since 2013 to make a difference in securing our digitizing society. By sharing knowledge and collaborating on innovative security solutions, which can be scaled within the Netherlands and internationally. 

For IT-auditing projects, such as DigiD, we work together 2-Control. 2-Control is an audit company consisting of IT auditors (REs) helping organizations improve internal control and information security through consultancy and audits. We conduct the pentest required for the audit, whereas 2-Control checks the client's processes and governance controls. 

We are a member of the Dutch cybersecurity industry association called Cyberveilig Nederland (CVNL). CVNL is committed to improving the quality and transparency of the cybersecurity sector in the Netherlands. The association shares knowledge and expertise and shows that cybersecurity is not only a risk but also an opportunity when developing new products and services. 


Over the years, we have built a proven track record by serving clients across many industries worldwide. Naturally, most security-related projects cannot be disclosed due to their confidential nature, but below you will find a selection of some of our clients.