Secure Web Portal Development

We build web portals to securely disclose or exchange sensitive information by following the security by design principle.

The Problem

Society heavily relies on web portals to disclose or exchange sensitive information. The significant problem is that many of these vital web portals are developed mainly from a functional perspective. Although web security is often an essential aspect of these projects, it is often evaluated only at the end of the development process. The result is usually that the foundation of the developed portal is not secure, and any discovered vulnerabilities are only fixed on the surface. This way, any overlooked vulnerability could collapse the house of cards with catastrophic effects.

Security by Design

Secure by design means that code and capabilities have been designed to be fundamentally secure. In this approach, security is considered and built into the system at every layer and starts with a robust architecture design. Design decisions are based on well-known security strategies, tactics, and patterns. To ensure the security of a portal, not only is it essential to create a robust architecture, but it is also necessary to maintain security persistence.

Our core principles

When we write code, our goal is not to get something working. Emphasis is put on developing solutions that are secure and future-proof. We achieve this by using proven, well-tested open-source software to avoid reinventing the wheel. We write readable, maintainable code that follows coding standards. Code is manually reviewed and continuously automatically tested in various ways. We are using a solid project setup that minimizes the chance of mistakes occurring at any moment during the initial or future development. Not only does this result in secure software, but it will save costs in the long run as code is written to be future-proof.

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