CCV Pentesting Quality Mark

DongIT certified for CCV Pentesting Quality Mark

In January 2024, DongIT received the CCV Pentesting Quality Mark from the audit organisation Kiwa.

The CCV Pentesting Quality Mark is a national certification that has been developed to ensure that providers of pentesting services deliver high-quality work. Just as with door locks and car alarm systems, it is important that a company's digital security is in order. Independent supervision of the quality of pentesting services is an important step in the fight against cybercriminals. The cybersecurity sector in the Netherlands is rapidly developing. New companies and initiatives start almost every day, without a mandatory quality check. Given the digital vulnerability of the enterprising Netherlands, this is undesirable.

The CCV quality mark shows that DongIT's pentest services meet professional and high-quality standards. DongIT thus offers customers the assurance of reliable, expert, and high-quality pentests that meet the highest requirements.

An important factor that contributed to achieving this quality mark is the way in which the pentesting process (from intake to delivery of final pentest report) is facilitated through the use of the self-developed Security Reporter platform. This ensures, among other things, centralized documentation, collaboration between pentesters and customers, standardized work processes, and qualitative pentest reports.