Internship Full Stack Developer

Do you want an internship where you can develop yourself and contribute to the company? At DongIT, your individual development comes first. During the internship period, you will come into contact with the full development aspect such as translating the customer's wishes, working in a team, ticket system, version management, continuous integration, security, and release management.

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Working at DongIT


Work as a PHP developer on various projects, such as large e-commerce websites and web applications that must meet high security requirements. You will be supervised by senior programmers who know exactly how an application is constructed and put together accurately and safely.

During your internship you will work on your internship assignment and it is possible to participate in company projects. You can indicate where your interests lie and what you would like to learn, we will help you with this.

You will have to consider the customer's wishes and how you can best translate and implement these wishes in a web application. Based on a ticket system you have an overview of the tasks that still have to be performed. The code you create is reviewed by senior programmers, who give you feedback so you can learn from it. If everything is approved, we will put your code into production. Your delivered work is therefore actually used, making a significant contribution to the company.


  • HBO/WO student in a relevant major such as:
    • Computer Science.
    • Software Engineering
    • Informatics.
    • Communication & Multimedia Design
  • Knowledge base:
    • PHP and CSS/HTML.
    • Linux and MySQL.
  • Experience:
    • Developing with PHP and object-oriented programming.

What you enjoy

  • Working accurately in a high-paced environment.
  • Translating your creativity to output.
  • Active participation in the company and providing innovative ideas.
  • Working as a team player, but also functioning independently when needed.

What you can expect

At the end of your internship you will have mastered the intricacies of the trade and you will know how to protect a web application against hackers. At DongIT, security, maintainability, and clean code are paramount. You will work with MVC frameworks and other techniques such as Javascript and jQuery. There is a possibility of a permanent employment offer if you function well and fit within the company.

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Note: Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated. We do not accept candidates through third parties, including recruitment parties, employment agencies, headhunters, and outsourcing organizations.